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It’s important to us that you get the most out of the features and networking opportunities on BeeKonnected. If you have a feature to suggest or you need help with something please click here and file a support ticket so we can ensure your inquiry gets to the right team member.

BeeKonnected members have access our unparalleled Konnection Generator network, and more.  See the full list of benefits and savings here in the Membership Tab Section!

This is a network that includes everyone from CEOs to newbie small business owners. Anyone with the entrepreneurial spirit and a call to community is welcome to join.
You can cancel your membership at any time, and remember – if you refer 2 Paid members, you are free for life. If you enrolled in the BEEPRO or Ambassador level, you can keep your discounted webinar platform rate even though you are no longer a member.
Tonya Hofmann created BeeKonnected because she saw an unmet need. In her 25+ years working directly with small business owners, she learned just how important it is to make the right konnections and to develop an effective network. With her team of world class experts, she found a true opportunity to help people stand out so they could BeeFound, BeeSeen and BeeHeard and take advantage of BeeLonging to a community that doesn’t stifle their voice, creativity or community with the Live Shows and Group Creation Program!  She created BeeKonnected to be the ultimate social media Konnection site for effective business growth.

We use AI and Algorithms to konnect YOU immediately to 6 incredible members who have your exact target market.  No longer just talk to 1 person at a time… build a relationship for joint partnership so that you are now talking to a whole group for a warm market referral.  It is the simplest way to create massive momentum.  And remember… BeeKonnected won’t sell your data!  It is just here to match you with the best candidates. 


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