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The Excitement begins with a Click of a Button!  6 Incredible New Konnections show up through Our Proprietary AI and Algorithm technology to find EXACTLY who YOU need to Konnect with!  The Konnections allows you to talk to many versus only going after one person at a time by the system selecting other experts who have YOUR Exact Target Market to Collaborate with.


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Our Live Broadcasting system! 

You have the opportunity to register for all shows, learn from incredible training and engage in insightful interviews.  This is ALL Included for You to Enjoy!


YOU can be a BeeKonnected Star!  Grab the opportunity to upgrade and launch Your Own Shows and Groups to Create a Following without Trolls taking over your communications.  BeeKonnected wants to help YOU Shine and Grow Your Business.

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Business leaders all have one thing in common—they are looking for leads. BeeKonnected uses AI technology to help you Konnect with professionals with Your Exact Target Market, Media Opportunities and of course… New Clients Locally, Nationally and Globally. 

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There is nothing more important to me than quality relationships and helping others grow their professional networks. It’s with great pleasure and pride that I welcome you to join our BeeKonnected community. You’re here because of a personal invite, and we value our new relationship with you.

We are a global relationship based social media platform that is growing daily with like-minded professionals who genuinely want to Konnect, Refer and collaborate in a safe, troll free space designed to help you maximize your Konnections and grow your business network.

Watch, Join In and Konnected to Our Amazing Community… see you on the inside!

Tonya Hofmann, CEO & Co-Founder